What’s next for Uneek Flair

What’s next for Uneek Flair


What’s next for Uneek Flair .

The new Uneek Flair will be a lifestyle brand, with a range of minimalist apparel, and stylish accessories for your home.  Our journal will play a big part in sharing all the things we love,  what we get up to, and sharing our ethos to Live simply-Simply live.




Since starting Uneek Flair I only focused on children’s gifts, see the old Uneek Flair @little_naturals where it all began. I feel as a business you have to continually evolve and change to keep things fresh. We find new passions, that renewed fire in our belly, new people that inspire us. And with us celebrating our 3rd birthday in August, I felt so ready to move in a new direction. So after some much needed time out contemplating, the answer was simple, bring elements of my life that bring me joy into my business. Along with our ethos to live simply-simply live.


I will be giving Little Naturals a break, with a plan to return with a fresh outlook and website of its own later down the line.  So now I can focus on the new Uneek Flair, It feels so good to be moving forward, the energy is flowing and I am ready to get going. I feel a huge sense of freedom, relief and renewed inspiration to work on new ideas.

I am enjoying working behind the scenes, busy with branding, designing, curating and planning photo shoots for our new look store.

I hope you will stay with me on this new journey, and if you would like to see what we are up to you can find us at https://www.instagram.com/uneekflair   We would love to see you over there.

Live simply.
Simply live.

Lisa x